Online Logistic Courses and Certifications

Products or services should reach the right customer in correct quantities at correct time. Then only, the whole manufacturing process becomes fruitful. Logistics is the field that deals with transportation of goods. Usually, manufacturing companies have dedicated professionals to deal with logistics. Logistics offers different career options that require different kinds of expertise and knowledge based on the position. Anyhow, the job opportunities in logistic field are growing which demands qualified professionals to fill different positions. Study conducted by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that career opportunities in Logistics is expected to increase 7% through the year 2018. It is always good to attend logistics courses to gain an edge in the job market.

In today’s world of Internet, many online courses are getting introduced. You do not have to travel all the way to your college or institution that offers your preferred course. If you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can attend the class sitting at your home itself. If you have time constraints that prevent you from attending regular courses, then you can make the best use of online courses. But the only thing is that the online course you choose should be accredited internationally. Otherwise, it would not add any value to your resume. The money, effort and time you spent for completing the course might go into vain.

Moreover, you should choose the course based on your preferences of job profile. Different job positions available in Logistics field are warehouse manager, distribution center manager, import export classifier, transport manager, purchasing administrator, marketing administrator, vehicle fleet manager, sales manager, logistics operation manager and so on. Though there are many different online logistics courses, the one you choose should give you required practical expertise and help you complete your responsibilities successfully.

There are many popular universities that now offer online logistic courses and certifications. You can achieve the expertise and skills required to grab a career in logistics by attending suitable online courses. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides an online logistics and supply chain management course. The program is at graduate level. You need to submit 5 assignments and one case study to complete this course. You would get strong knowledge on topics including research models and techniques, planning models, pricing models, vehicle routing problems, bullwhip effect, operations research models etc that are very much required while dealing with logistics.

Michigan State University has come up with a Master Certificate program in supply chain management and logistics. You would be able to really excel throughout your logistic career as you learn how to drive operational excellence throughout different levels. As you deal with case studies, real time examples and strategies, you would clearly understand how to develop, implement and control even complex logistics strategies.

Online distribution and logistics management course from ExpertRating is another one. This course addresses different topics from basics to advanced levels including warehouse selection, material handling, inventory management, order fulfillment, customer service, enterprise resource planning, distribution resource planning, e-commerce, electronic data exchange, bar coding and so on. This course is not available as free. You need to pay around $130 as course fee and you will get a certificate from ExpertRating after successful completion of this 6 weeks program.

Some other top Logistics online programs are Diploma of Logistics from Brian Voak & Associates, Supply Chain and Logistics Certificate from Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistic Institute (SCL), Bachelor of Business in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from RMIT, professional diploma in Logistics and Transport from UNE, Certificate in Logistics from Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation (CILT) and so on. Whatever online course you attend, it should give you necessary skills to gain competitive edge. You should be able to launch an excellent career that you dream in logistics.